Hello All,

I am testing out SLED 10 for use in our environment, but am encountering
problems with the Novell Client for Linux v1.2. We use NetWare 6.5

I have installed the Novell Client.
I have configured the Novell CASA Manager through YaST.
All needed modules are running.

The problem is that I cannot logon. I also am unable to browse for trees,
contexts, and servers; but I believe that is related to not having OpenSLP
configured on the NetWare server. I was under the impression that I could
just specify the tree, context, and server, then logon just fine. Am I
missing anything? GroupWise works fine to logon to our mail server,
although ConsoleOne is also unable to logon to eDirectory. Is not having
OpenSLP configured a problem? Is there a setting I am missing in Linux? I
have also tried disabling the firewall through YaST, but have the same
results. Help!