Currently, we only have one server running SLPDA and would like to have a failover configuration. Here is my environment. LAN/WAN configuration with 12 field offices (no servers at these locations) with approximately 20 PC per site and 250 at the HQ location. There are 12 NW 6.5 SP5 servers located at the HQ location. All servers and all desktops are hard coded to point to the one SLPDA server.

The Tree is configured as follows:

10 servers (including the SLPDA server)
1 server servicing 3 field offices
1 server servicing 3 field offices
1 server servicing 3 field offices

(Again all servers a located at the HQ location.) We have one scope container and one scope unit.

Should we have another server running SLPDA?

Where should/can it be?

How do I configure it?

Do I add the secondary IP address in the client configurations and the server SLP.CFG file?