I configured nic teaming on one of my HP DL380 G4 servers running
Netware 6.5 sp6. I used the instructions found in the following article.
The server has dual NC10XX/NC32XX/NC67XX/NC77XX onboard nics.


The article is rather old and refers to an old teaming driver,
QASP.LAN, but I just fudged the instructions to match my setup. Where
the article refers to QASP.LAN I substituted BASP.LAN. Where the
specified using Smart Load Balancing (SLB) mode I used IEEE 802.3ad
(Link Aggregation Control Protocol). Line speed on the servers nics and
the switch port were left at Auto. The switch ports were config'd for
trunking using IEEE 802.3ad as well. The switch is an HP 4208vl

It seems to be working as advertised though the article leads me to
believe that this method is not that specified by Novell or HP so I'm a
little concerned. Does anyone see any glaring mistakes or shortcomings
to this method?