I don't know if this is a problem or not but our 6.5 SP3 server has been in
production almost two years. When I installed the OS, I selected Open
Enterprise Server instead of Netware 6.5.

When I load NWCONFIG and look at the Installed Products it shows Open
Enterprise Server with Netware 6.5 Support Pack 3.

Can I install Netware 6.5 Support Pack 5 on this Open Enterprise Server?

The reason I am asking is that this morning, the first user in the office
could not log in to the Server.

On server console:

Cache memory allocator out of available memory.

NSS(nsslib)-3.22-219: mallocpage.c[57]

Error allocating 1 Pages of memory

You may not have enough memory. Either close some other applications or add
more memory.

The server has 3GB of RAM. It is used as a file and print server.

It has Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 10.1.5 and a remote agent for
Backup Exec.

These apps have always been on the server. Nothing new has been added.

I had to physically power off the server and back on before anyone could log

In researching the Cache memory allocator issue I found one of the solutions
is to load all of the latest patches to the server and that is why I ask the
question about Service Pack 5.

Any help is appreciated!