I am a little confused by Novell at this point. We have been upgrading
our system for a year and it looks to be finishing up in a short time. I
am confused by what is or isn't on our servers and where I need to go from
here. At the master server version displays this:

Novell Open Enterprise Server Netware 6.5
Support Pack revision 04
Server version 5.70.04

I know I need to add more support packs, but Novell didn't want me to
until they get all my servers to here. My question is, am I going to need
to convert these things again because Linux is the new blessed way to go?
We have an MLA type license so we can add servers at will. Can I leave
these as is and just go with a Linux install for all of them from here on?
Over time, the data will be moved onto the new Linux servers and
therefore Netware would go away through attrition. I made a decent
argument to stay with Novell and Groupwise a couple weeks back, but at the
moment I have to admit M$ looks less confusing. (Of course that's just
between us) Anyway, could those of you in the know read your tea leaves
and tell me where I need to go from here? Thanks.