I am wanting to schedule a data copy using the Novell Consolidation
Utility and Windows Task Scheduler to synchronise a small portion of
directories (29 of 246 directories) to a remote server on a once a month
basis. I am following these instructions -
- and have been having issues - mostly with the authentication of the user
(admin of the server it mentions in the doco). The error log gives these
details - "An error occurred while validating passwords. You may have
entered an incorrect password. Check your user passwords and try again."
Is there any way that I can specify in the command line the username and
password that I would like it to use, or possibly another way I can
schedule this consolidation successfully?

Server Details:

Source - N/W 6.5 (SP6) with Cluster Services 1.7.
Dest - N/W 6.5 (SP5) - not a cluster server.