Here is our issue in brief: We have 16 NetWare 6.5 SP5 servers spread across
13 locations, 4 of which are at the central office and 1 at each of the 12
remote locations. We currently have only 1 SLP DA (scoped), located at the
central office. This model has worked very nicely for us for the last few
years, except when a WAN link goes down, at which time the workstations are
not able to find their local server.

The documentation I have seen (including Novell TID 10062474) recommends a
minimal number of DA's. So, any ideas on what I can do to prevent downtime
at a remote site when their WAN link drops? Is it OK to have a DA at each

A few more details: We have a single eDirectory tree. Our tree is
partitioned by physical sites. Each site server has a R/W or Master replica
of the local partition. The SLP DA at the central office has a copy of each
partition in the tree. On occasion, users need to be able to navigate to
elsewhere in the tree from any site.

Most of our WAN links are relatively small, as slow as 768 Kbps (1/2 of a T1
line). Some are significantly larger, as appropriate, based on the traffic
requirements of the site.

Any ideas? Has anyone developed a "best practices" document which covers
this type of environment? It seems to me that ours would be a rather common

Rick P
Walla Walla Public Schools