One of my Netware servers is having a memory issue. The server running
Netware 6.5 sp6, the server has 4 Gig of RAM with 2 quad core CPUs. I
installed the post sp6 fixes. The server is being eased into production.
I have moved about 60 gigs of data over so far.

This morning we ran into problems, of course I was coming in late today.
From what I was told server performance degraded about 2 hours after
everyone logged in. I was minutes away from work when my co-workers called
telling me of problems. They re-booted the server before I was about to
see Remote Manager Statistics.

From what I can tell:
Last night at midnight the server just consumed memory.
At midnight the Available Memory went from 1246 to 332 at 1am.
At midnight the Average CPU until went from 0 to 30% (for the next several
At Available Logical Space went from 1004 to 91, then at 1am to 44.

At 12:02 am server log contains the message “Server logical address
space is running low. Increase the available logical space by restarting
the server with the -u788197376 switch”

The only thing that happens at midnight is disk compression. I have
seemed disk compression can use a lot of CPU cycles, but never noticed it
consuming memory.

Any ideas on what to do? I have left the server config pretty much as