I've got NW 6.0 with NSS volumes. Somebody from my users got a virus
(Win32.Parite.a) and infected all EXE files on server. Unfortunately,
it's public directory and everyone can write to it. As far as I
remember, if I have edited or changed any file on Netware volume which
belongs to another user, my user name should be reflected in file
attributes, visible from ConsoleOne on other utilities. But it keeps
saying, that file was modified by owner! I've checked it from
different utilities (even from Linux command strting - ndir) but with
no success.

I remember, that on NW 5.1 it was definitely as I said: "Updated by"
field should show REAL username of updater, not owner (of course if
they are not the same).
Any ideas?

Teimuraz Abashidze