I've got a problem simular to TID 10099168 where I can only see a few
files in the SYS:ETC directory (basically up to filenames starting with
ci*.*), but if you type edit crontab at the server the file will come up
or if you try and copy files over from another server it will say the file
already exsist.

As far as I can tell I think the console log file is corrupted with
invalid characters in the filename and therefore it is not showing any
files past that one.

I tried the sollution in the above mentioned TID (using Consoleone on the
server) and I still couldn't see the file to correct it. I've tried
filer, NWAdmin, consoleone, toolbox and just about anything else I can
think of.

Can anyone think of a way to get at this console log file and rename it or
delete it?

Thank you, James.