I have NW 6.5 sp5. Apache is installed in adminsrv and OS.
I need to host an internal knowledgebase program that uses Apache and
Mysql. Mysql is installed and set up to point the data files to a
different vol other than sys. Is there any way I can do that with
Apache? Is it just a matter of editing the httpd.conf file, which I
assume it would use as the public instance?

And would editing/using the httpd.conf file mess up the admin instance
of Apache? (BTW, which instance does iPrint use? I am assuming the
adminsrv?) My goal here is to use what I have, -if I can-, and not
fill up the system volume, which would happen if the KB were left/ran
from there.

Or, do I have to install a 2nd instance of Apache on a different volume
(which I started to do, actually) and load it into it's own address

What's the best way to do this? I figure I need some help here before
I venture too far. It's all pretty new to me.