We're moving forward with migrating quite a few Netware servers to
VMware (Virtual Infrastructure 3)....has been going quite well overall
so far.

One thing I haven't been able to figure out however is how to reliably
access the emergency console -- what you get when hitting
Control-Alt-Escape on the Netware console (options to down the server,
bring up an alternate console or cancel a volume mount).

In VMware whenever you hit Control-Alt, the VMware Windows client
releases focus from the Console window....so the full
Control-Alt-Escape is never handed to Netware.

I have found that I can get an Emergency Console using the "Dynamic
Screens" option in Netware Remote Manager...but given that I usually
need the "Emergency Console" when the server is having issues (possibly
network issues) that's not always available.

Has anyone found any reliable way around this?