I'm trying to set up universal passwords in my NW6.5sp6 enviorment.

Per Novell's documentation I should go here in iManager to enable.
Click Roles and Tasks > Passwords > Password Policies.

But it's missing. I am assuming I need the password management plugin.
So I downloaded it and attempted to install. Everything appears to go OK
when installing, but it's still not there (yes I restarted tomcat).

So I have a link on the main page to view a list of Roles and Tasks not
displayed. In this list is "Universal Password Configuration", Reason:
"This requires prior version of iManager"
I am running iManager 2.6.0 (20070302_1409)

Also, the "novell iManager Password Management" plug-in module is never
removed from the available iManager plug-ins list.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.