I am at a client site that is running 2 netware 6.5.3 file servers.

The client has observed that the time on all of their XP workstations is
about 6 minutes fast. Whenever they attempt to manually change the time at
the workstation, the changes are lost upon reboot.

I looked into the matter. AFter much troubleshooting, i believe the
workstations are pulling the "time" from the Netware Server (during the
I say this because the time on the Netware servers are both 6 mintues
I believe that if i can adjust the time on the Netware servers, then the
XP workstations will automatically pickup the change.

The problem: i have no idea how to adjust this (and NOT blowup the
If anyone can point me to a TID or CoolSoultion that would be great!
Or, if you just wanted to share any gotchas, thats cool too! : )

Thank you As always!!