Novell Remote Manager on port 8009.
I want a local admin to be able to manage trustee rights on a particular
volume. With iManager roles, I can give him rights to create/manage the
users and groups, but not assign file system rights. So have him use NoRM
to assign rights, but when he clicks the browse button to add a trustee,
instead of getting window '...Traversing NDS Tree' with opportunity to
browse/select users, he gets a NoRM window prompting to enter credentials.
If he re-enters his own credentials, the new window goes blank and it is

This local admin user does not have any special rights to NDS but does
have SWRCEMFA to the server/volume in question. Can successfully create
and delete directories using NoRM as this user. Can successfully modify
rights as this user using FILER. Can successfully modify rights using
NoRM as an admin equivalant.

What's missing?