I have a system with a number of NetWare servers and one Windows server
running eDirectory and used for GroupWise WebAccess. When I do a Time
Synchronization in DSREPAIR on a NetWare server, all servers are in
sync but the Windows Server. It is usually (but not always) out of
sync. Usually by differing amounts of time as well. There is no
replica right now on the Windows server.

Right now, the Windows server gets its time from an AD domain instead
of from the NetWare reference server. Would it help if I pointed the
Windows server to the NetWare References server instead of the AD
domain? Is there anything special I have to do to do this? I have
looked at TID 10077669. Is there anything special I need to do on the
NetWare server that the Windows server points to to get its time?

Is there anything else I should know about timesync on a Windows server
with eDirectory on it in a NetWare environment?