Well, first of all, NRM does not use Apache at all. It uses the NetWare
mini web server HTTPSTK.NLM (also used by NDS iMonitor and on NetWare 6.0
also used by iPrint).
A common cause for NRM not working is an expired certificate. In that
case, NRM will not reply to https on port 8009, but should still reply to
http on port 8008. So could you try if http://yourserver:8008/ works?
In any case, I suggest you run PKIDIAG.NLM on your server to look for
expired or otherwise broken certificates.
If this alone does not help, we need more information on your setup like
your exact NetWare version and SP level as well as your autoexec.ncf to
see how and when httpstk.nlm is loaded in yoru autoexec.ncf.

Marcel Cox
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