I cannot manage netstorage from the imanager plugin - the pages are
"blank" - the autehntication domains page simply shows the features buttons
and the add domain button, but no domains. We can still access netstorage
through VO, but cannot log in directly to http://server-ip/oneNet/netstorage
.. Simply get the old repeated login prompt over and over and over.... I also
cannot log in directly to http://server-ip/oneNet/nsadmin - get the repeated
login prompt.

When opening the netsotrage Authentication Domains page in Imanager - I see
the following on the logger screen page in Rem,ote manager:

java.io.exception at :

(followed by a whole raft of lines of text then : )

Caused by: java io.IOExceptioni: server returned HTTP responce code 401 for
URL https://(DNSofserver)/oneNet/nsadmin?label=[authdomains]

(follwed by a few more lines of text and the last ine on the logger screen

... 54 more

This just stared recently after there was a problem with the certificat
server on the tree (managed "upstream" from us) - we were simply infromed
there was a proboem and that we would need to do pkidiag and tckeygen.

I hae four servers in my context and all of them show the same problem.

Finally, I just tested the Zenworks Middle Tier on our Zenworks server - and
guess what - repeated login prompt.

Any help or directions to the proper forum would be greatly appreciated.