Unbelievably lame. Only took two months to arrive.

No manuals, not even a thank you note. (you'd think they could at least
include SLES9 manuals).

Yes the docs are on the disks, but you'd think for $4,000 you could get
a flyer that says if you want to install Netware OES use...if you want
to install OES on SLES use... As I recall 3.11 was the last set of
decent included documentation from Novell.

Intractable disk numbering system. OES1, OES2, SLES2,3,4,5,6.
Makes you wonder where SLES 1 is...not needed in fact, but would be a
real puzzler for a novice.

And how about some stickers or something sheeesh...Take a clue from
SuSE Novell, brand loyalty will get you so far, but cheap is going to
get you nowhere.

I got a cardboard box with MY media kit. w00t!

Nice software however...but including some promotional materials in the
media kit would do a lot to spread the love.