I answered part of my own question by running the response file generator.
It prompts you to select between a new install, a local upgrade or a remote
upgrade when it first starts up.

Now I need to try and find out where to put the response file for the
upgrade to use, and I still don't know if I combine the cds or keep them

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Rob Aronson wrote:

> I have a project to upgrade 40 servers. The customer wants all the server
> to come out exactly the same. I was looking at the response file generator
> and I wondered if you could use it to manage the upgrade process too.
> As a secondary issue, when I build a staging server to install from can I
> copy both distribution CDs to the same directory or do I have to copy them
> to separate directories and tell the install program where the second disk
> is when it prompts me?
> Thanks in advance,