(I'm re-posting this because it seems to have gotten swallowed up in the
transition to this forum from the old NetWare 6.x forum)

I have an upgrade that needs to happen, and I would appreciate some feedback
on how much time I could expect the following scenarios to take, so I can
budget for downtime. I'm new to upgrades, both in-place and old-to-new
hardware, and I'm trying to figure out how much time I can expect to have
servers off-line so I can prepare users for any outages. All servers are
presently NW6.0 SP2, migrating to OES NetWare. Here are the 2 scenarios I

Scenario 1) 2 Servers, an old server being decommissioned (ServerA) and a
new server that will remain (ServerB). ServerA is old and needs to be
de-commissioned, and is a basic file/print server with very little
network-based storage. It has several NDPS printers. ServerB is a 1-yr-old
server that has a database app running on it, along with network storage for
the db app. I figure I can just de-commission the ServerA, and move the
print services and objects over to Server B.

The big trick will be to give ServerB the name of ServerA once the
consolidation is complete. ServerA is the primary server, and I want to keep
that server's identity in the tree after the consolidation. ServerB is not a
server that users are familiar with, nor is it in any of the users' login
scripts with respect to mappings, etc. After all is said & done with these 2
servers, I want the resulting consolidation to be on ServerB's hardware with
ServerA's identity. I'm fine with consolidating to ServerB, deleting ServerA
from the tree & renaming ServerB to ServerA, but I don't know how to do

Scenario 2) In-place upgrade of a couple of existing NetWare 6.0 SP2 servers
to OES NetWare.

I hope this makes sense, and that there is someone out there who can help me
set up a timeframe for these 2 migration scenarios.

Thanks very much,

-- Geoff