> When I down load netware nw 6 and nw6.5 services packs. examples nw6sp5
> nw65sp3. And when I run "win Cmd" or "WINRAR" to open the sp files. I all
> ways get this error message C:netware\nw6sp5.exe cannot create nw6sp5
> \startup\server.exe on all the sp I have loaded down.
> Or message after if opens the sp file. It had one error. and it's the
> server.exe create
> Can you email me how do get this fixed. or what soft ware to use to open
> you patches correctly

Disable McAfee - new versions of McAfee have the added "feature" that
they will not allow the creation of a .exe file in any directory called
"startup" - hence the server.exe will not be extracted.

Hamish Speirs
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