I have been on vacation since last Wednesday so I have not be been able to reply sooner. Thank you for all of the info. I will try your suggestions and post my results.

Scott Johnson, CNE
Senior Network Analyst

>>> Marcel Cox<cimetmc@myrealbox.com> 7/14/2005 3:00:25 AM >>>

Generally, you can't load PSM drivers manually after the server has
been initialized. PSM drivers need to be loaded first before any other
drivers (storage or LAN). Therefore, the PSM driver must be loaded from

A few more notes on what has been said so far:

On older NetWare versions up to 6.0, drivers, including the PSMs were
in c:\NWSERVER. However with NW 6.5 this is different. Here, the
drivers are in c:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS, and the drivers don't need to be
copied to c:\NWSERVER

What drivers to use?

In essence, there are 2 different kind of PSM drivers:
the older MPS14.PSM for MPS 1.1 or 1.4 compliant systems, and
ACPIDRV.PSM for ACPI compliant systems. In general, Pentium 4 class
machines (including the Xeon version of Pentium 4) use ACPIDRV.PSM,
while many Pentium III or older class machines will only work with
MPS14.PSM because they either don't implement ACPI at all, or their
ACPI support is too limited.
In the past, Compaq had their own custom versions of the PSM drivers.
E.g. their equivalent to MPS14.PSM was CPQMPK.PSM, and their equivalent
for ACPIDRV.PSM was CPQACPI.PSM. However these Compaq specific drivers
have been discontinued and should not be used on NetWare 6.5.
Given that your server is only a Pentium II class server, the best PSM
to use is probably MPS14.PSM

What about TID 2969382?

That TID corresponds to old files which predate SP3. In SP3, there are
already newer files and you should in *no* case apply the files from
TID 2969382. If you applied the files anyway, reinstall SP3 to make
sure you upgrade your files to the SP3 version again.

What should you try to do?

Try putting the following line at the start of your startup.ncf file:


.. There is no need to include the path. NetWare should find the driver
in c:\nwserver\drivers.
Restart your server and type "M MPS14" to see if the driver is loaded.

Marcel Cox