> 1. Should I apply the latest support packs to my exiting 3 server
> before introducing the new OES server into the tree. Is this
> absolutely necessary?

I would, not manditory.

> Will the Netware 5.1 server with DS 7.61 have
> synch issues with OES?


> 2. We plan to make the OES server the master of the [root] partition.
> Is this the best approach.

I would.

> 3. Any gotchas on this procedure?

#1 run the NWDEPLOY (deployment manager) from a PC and prep the tree.
Extend the schema for 6.5.

#2 You can upgrade eDir on all servers ahead of time to 8.7.3 and apply
the ir6 patch. This way all servers will be running the same version
of DS.

You can do a up server upgrade for your NW6.0 servers when you get to
that point. Pretty easy, you use teh install of Startx pointing to the
OES OS CD for the product list.

Timothy Leerhoff
Novell Support Forum Volunteer Sysop

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