This may not be the place to ask, but I've been cracking my head over this
for a week and I'm out of ideas. I have a desktop Windows XP system and a
laptop Windows XP system both logging into the same NW 6.5 SP3 network.
Network has 11 servers and I need to map to any server.

I can login to all servers from both but I can only map drives on the
desktop system. I'm using the same NW Client and those settings are
identical. Nevertheless when I browse to find the drive I want to map, I
can access it on the desktop as \\server\sys and it maps fine. But the
laptop shows a slightly different display with the volumes listed as
SERVER_SYS and the system won't map to them.

I'm sorry if this is really a Windows question, but you know how helpful
their site is! I would be grateful for any suggestions of what else I can