Hello all,

We are continuing our server upgrades from NW60SP4 to NW65SP2 (Overlay CD).
We are noticing that our server are having various issues which appear to
be related to low memory available for allocation after the upgrade.

Right now we are looking for is what might be different between the
versions in regards to default memory allocations. Our environment is still
using only traditional volumes (some 200+GB), other than the _Admin NSS
volume. We noticed NSS is allocating 85% to cache memory in 6.5SP2 where
6.0 allocated 60%. We set this to 10% and saw an definite improvement in
server stability, but there is still a significant drop in available memory
after the upgrade.

FYI... We are also upgrading eDir from 8.6.2 SMP (10350.30) to
(10551.13). Possible Entry or Block cache settings???

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Don Barber