Dell PowerEdge 2650 1.5GB Ram

Running NW6 SP2 for 26 months without a glitch. Now after about an hour,
utilization will jump to 32% and not move, or very little. A short time
later, all
connectivity is lost. I can toggle screens, and try to do an orderly
shutdown, but the only way to shutdown is having to power cycle. When the
system is running normal,
it runs very well.

We have cycled thru the memory and unloaded utilities to try and isolate
without much success. Tried different port on the switch, even went down to
100MB port. The Broadcom driver is v7.5 (I think).

System board and processor will be replaced today. After that, I will
probably open an incident with Novell.

Here's my questions:

Any ideas on what is going on?

Should I take this up to NW6SP5 before calling Novell, or leave it alone?

Bob H.