I have a new object in the tree that is apparently the server object of one
of my servers. This all happened by a failed install, I'm not sure which
product as this was done by someone else. This object is actually an
obituary object, but when I look at DSREPAIR on the server in question I
discover the server believes this is it's name. It has a ridiculous name of

All other servers in the tree still see this server by it's old object, but
cannot replicate with this server. This server is holding a read/write
replica. All other communication such as SLP, NTP, pings are fine. Netware
Remote Manager was OK. There is no DS replication. No authentication is
occuring between directories with this server despite it housing our home
directories. No one can access these home directories, mappings do not work
with no specific error codes.

The tree was not very stable with corrupt objects for belonging to the
server and etc (volumes in obituary). I removed this server from the tree
using NWCONFIG -DSREMOVE, deleted all the objects referencing this server
and ensure all servers are now synchronised. This was fine.

I now have a server with home directories for approximately 300 users and
I'm not sure what to do with this server.

DSREPAIR on this server still sees this server by its corrupt name. I have
checked the AUTOEXEC.NCF and host file and the servername is set to what it
is supposed to be.
I need to transfer the home directories, hopefully keeping trustee ownership
and permissions.
I am hoping the server can go back in the tree, but with it's orginal name.

I am looking for some advice with this one.