When SAVCE v10 was initially released, I had lots of problems with the
install on two NW6 SP5 servers. On the initial update, the server
abended. After removing SAVCE and reinstalling, I then could not get
both servers into the same antivirus group. After seeing post here where
people were experiencing the same problems, I went back and reinstalled

I've been tracking the support info on Symantec's site and supposedly
v10.0.1 fixed the abend and other issues. This morning I decided to try
the upgrade again.

The short story is that I have it running, but I did run into a few
problems and had to call their support and a tech tried a number of
things and we finally got it working.

With the latest release of v.10, you can update the Netware servers
instead of having to remove and reinstall. I began with that route and
ran the update on my Primary AV server. The update went fine and I was
able to see the updated info in the Symantec System Console (SSC). I
then ran the update on a second NW6 SP5 server. The update finished
without error and loaded fine. However, the SSC showed the server as
disabled and showed the old version info for that secondary server.

I then uninstalled from that server (load sys:\sav\vpstart /remove)
after unloading the NLM. I then did an install on that server into the
same AV group. Again, it loaded fine, but SSC showed it as disable.

At this point I called Symantec support. He had me check the pki
directory in SYS:SAV. There were no keys or certificates in the
subdirectories. He had me copy the certificate and private keys from the
primary server to the secondary and restart the NLM. Again it loaded
fine, but was not in the SSC.

He then had me uninstall from both the primary and secondary servers and
reinstall to both. We did the primary first and after the install, the
private keys and certificates were there. We then installed to the
secondary server and put it into IT'S OWN AV GROUP. When we checked, it
had created the encryption keys in the secondary server at this point.

Then, in the SSC, we made the primary server primary (in the AV Group I
wanted to keep) and then dragged the other server (my secondary) into
that group. We cleared the cache in the discovery service and I had only
one AV Group with both servers showing up properly.

My workstations, which are still running the 9.0.3 client were no longer
showing up under the server. He had me enable the first option to manage
v9.x and earlier clients (right-click the server group, then All Tasks |
Symantec Antivirus. The old workstations are still not there, but he
said they would appear when they check-in. We'll see. I'm rolling out
the v10 client anyway, so that's not a big deal.

From what I can tell, it seems that v10.0.1 is better, but still has a
problem creating the encryption keys it needs. I probably could have
just done the update on the primary and then just installed the
secondary server into it's own group and then moved it my main AV group.
That would have saved me from completely removing the old system.

Anyway, hope this helps others who run into the same problem.


- Don