I installed Netware 6.5 premigration server install to migrate a 5.1
server to. Migration is done but I need to reinstall my Netware apps and
I have the netware 6.5 SP2 Overlay CD. On CD2 I can see and NDPS
directory but can't find a way to install it. Problem is startx is not
working at server prompt and when I run NWDEPLOYNOBROWSER.EXE from the
6.5 SP2 install CD, I see server types to install but never see the
individual NDPS service as a choice.
If I install Iprint server, does this install NDPS also?
I know I have loaded NDPS component off the second CD using STARTX before
but can I do this some other way through NWDEPLOY?
Is there something I need to load beyond the 6.5 premigration server that
will allow STARTX to run?