Netware 6.5 SP2. Two servers in tree, other is 5.1 SP8. Gradually
migrating more and more functionality to new server.

Tried unhooking external SDLT tape drive from old server, connecting to new,
and issueing


at the console prompt on the 6.5 server. Although the server isn't hung,
the console prompt is - 8 minutes so far and no response.

Is there a Ctrl+C like thing I can do to tell it to stop?

Is there anything I've done wrong?

My 6.5 server presents 4 external SCSI connections on 2 cards at the back -
I just picked one to try. Tape drive is powered on, cable seems to be
correct - it's a different cable, the plugs fit, it was ordered just for
this purpose.

WhadduIduNow? :)