Upgraded my client's server from NW6.0-SP5 (Small Busn) to NW6.5-SP3 (Small Busn).

The NetWare CDs (OS & Products) were generated from the ISO image found on "Consolidated Support Pack 12" - DVD 3.
The five of 5-user license diskettes were E-mailed to me by Novell and one of them was used during the installation.

After the server comes up, there is a screen titled "Expand" with the following prompt:
NLF License File Path (for example (A:\LICENSE\403708922.NLF)

I inserted a Server/User license diskette figuring it wants that. I then typed in the path & filename of my license file. It then tells me...
Found server license SN:XXXXXXXXX (screen shows actual number)
Press any key

When I <Enter> on that msg, I get the Press any key msg again.
When I <Enter> on that msg, I now get...
Expansion Pack License Installation not Successful (-20)

According to TID #10082709 my server version falls into this category:
....No "SP" text with only a SN:xxxxxxxxx 9 digit number shows an Expansion Pack version o.
.......Expansion Pack has been added. You can purchase additional users from your local Novell partner.
.......The user packs come in increments of 1, 5, and 25 users. (60 days free installation support up to 5 incidents)

What is "Expansion Pack" and where is its license? I've not encountered this on any other version of NetWare Small Busn so I guess its something new???

I am soooo confused!

Thanks for the assist.