I'm attempting to apply NW65 SP3 patch on a NW65 SP1 Dell PowerEdge 2400
and when it goes thru the Backup Stage, it errors out with:

Cannot copy file. Verify the file attributes.

If I ignore this error, it give the same error on the next file on the
C: Partition it tries to backup.

If I bypass the Backup process all together, then it has a similar error
when it tries to copy the first file to the DOS C: Partition.

I am able to manually backup these same files either use NETBASIC and
NSNSHELL or booting directly to DOS. So there isn't any issues with the
Attributes that restricts copying.

I have a HP Proliant second server, and it patched out without any problems.

Not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.