Hello: I have just been informed by the reps at CA that teh upgrade to
OES/NW overwrites certain scsi drivers which affect the detection of my
two tape changers.

In NW6.0 my two Sony autochanges were detected as four devices, 1 for
each changer and 1 for each LUN (2+2=4 i think :) ). Well as soon as
OES/NW was installed my changers get detected but the LUNs do not. We
have trouble shot this with CA and they say it is a driver issue and
until OES/NW sees the four devices I am sunk. This sure does look like
the problem to me.

So I backrevved scsihd.cdm and scsihd.ddi to the versions which ran
fine in NW6.0 without success. The adaptec HAM and DDI files are
idectical between the two versions, so I don't think that is the

My backup server is a brick until I get this fixed. Any suggestions??

All help greatly appreciated, Chris.