I'm setting up a new netware 6.5 Small Business Server with dial up
Internet access.

The server has service pack 3 installed.

I used Imanager to setup the option for dial-up access to the

When the server loads the module WHMAIO it reports INIT FAIL and gives
the error 0201 Fatal Error: Config file Not Found.

If I manually load Inetcfg and chouse reinitialize System, it will
then correctly load the WHSMAIO module.

If I down the server and restart I again get the error.

I have manually deleted the COM1 Board, Network Interface and Bindings
and resetup them up and still no joy. I then deleted the file CSL.CFG
and re-setup the COM1 Board Etc manually and again no joy.

The system works fine so long as I do an Reinitialization after every
boot, but I would like to have a proper fix.

Any help welcome