I've got 5 servers to do. Number 1 went perfect. I was really impressed.
Number 2, failed to copy 2 of 4 volumes, and only copied parts of Sys to
Sys.Mig. On each of the two failed volumes it only copied a few files
then moved on to the next volumes like nothing was wrong. It seems to the
migration wizard that it has done what it was supposed to do. I thought
it was a fluke so started over only to have the exact same results. Right
down to the exact same files being copied. Now, I told it.. I
said, 'Migration Wizard, despite your opinion, when I told you copy all
files from the old MAIL volume to the new MAIL volume I wanted them all'
but it doesn't seem to be listening to me. Any ideas what could be wrong
with these volumes that would make the migration wizard think it's got
nothing to do or form the opinion that it's only going to copy some
files. Servers are both OES (you get cookies for calling it OES not
Netware 6.5 sp3, you know?) with NSS volumes. I'm currently copying
volumes manually and backing the trustees up manually. I'm assuming the
4th step of the migration is going to properly apply the trustees for me
as long as I manually get the files from old volumes to new volumes. I
guess we'll see.