I've been working for months to get my 6.5 server ready to go live on
Monday August 8th. I've worked with tech support on a tons of issues
and posted so many issues here . So imagine my surprise when I start
loggin in as different users todaythe 6.5 server and noticed that on
the server it shows multiple files in different user directories as
"corrupt and unrecoverable.

When I orginally copied the files over from my 5.1 server I used the
Migration tool 7.0. I started logging in today just to make sure
everything was ready for Monday and now this.

First I am using traditional volumes I have the lastest and greatest
service packs on both my 5.1 and my 6.5 server not to mention Arcserve
11r1 which I had hoped to be able to just get a good back up of the
USERS VOLUME AND COMMON on my 5.1 server and then restore the fi;es to
my 6.5 server.

Imagine my second surprise when I restored the user directories with no
errors during the restore. But when I went to look at the files to
compare what was restored to the 6.5 server and what was on the 5.1
server there were files an directories that I have "never' saw before
how is that possible? I just have the weekend to figure this out and I
can't postpone my go live date again. Help