Hi I have just installed Netware 6.5 OES (SP3) onto a server and applied
all the latest hotfix's. and HP SSD applied

We are using the integrated network cards.

Anyhow to the point. When heavy network traffice hits the server i.e
when adding a large NDS partition, the server stops responding. No
error messages.

It appears that there still appears to be a problem with the q57
drivers. We are running ver 7.63

Basically I found an old TID that said to add an entry to turn off
CHECKSUM ( I did not read as to what this specifically did)

I did it through editing the file NETINFO.cfg and setting netinfo.chk
file value to 0. (I am using intecfg)

This seems to have resolved the problem...

TID = TID10076183

Thank Pete