Now i know this isn't a Novell problem, but i thought i'd post to see if
anyone has had the same issue.

We have Dell 2850's with Dell Remote Access Controller 4/I cards in them
(DRAC). Now these enable you to remote console to the server, and mount
virtual cdrom/floppy drives, which then allows you to map a cdrom to the
cdrom drive in your workstation. So basically the new server is in the
rack, with the DRAC card connected, you goto the remote to it's console,
connect the virtual cdrom driv to your own, and put in the NW65OS cd, and
begin the installation onto the server.

Everything starts fine, it boots off the CD, allows you to configure the
DOS partition, copy the NWSERVER files, drivers etc. Then after the NSS
Management Utility screen has passedm it attempts to mount the cdrom as a
volume. Here is where it fails, it can't map the drive using the Dell
DRAC cards virtual cdrom, and will hang there until you actually put the
NW65OS CD into the actual CDROM drive on the server.

If i have a Netware6.5 server already built, connect the virtual cdrom
drive, and put in a CD, it WILL mount a volume to the virtual drive.

Am just wondering if anyone has had this problem, and if so know a

Many Thanks