Ever since upgrading to OES netware on my backup server when the backup
kicks off the server utilization is maxing out and sometimes the server
locks up. I dont get an abend or any error messages the server is just
locked up when I come in the next day and check on it. I even deleted the
server and rebuilt it thinking it was something the upgrade from NW 6 to NW
6.5 SP3.

Its on an older compaq server so I am wondering if its a driver issue of
some type but I dont really know where to begin looking. I dont think that
backup exec uses the driver from compaq it uses its own drivers. I looked on
backup execs site and they dont have any newer driver releases for 9.0 just
for 9.1.

Any ideas? I am thinking of rebuilding the server and putting it back to NW

Dennis St. James
Network Administrator
Lionel L.L.C.