I'm attempting to get away from using the GWTSA in favor of the new
capabilities built into TSAFS. I'm running NW6 sp5, GW6 sp4. It seems
GroupWise backs up okay using this method except for one puzzling error.
I get:

Warning: Unable to set GroupWise timestamp for user database
Error code: 0x47576530

This error is described in TID10096545

What I can't figure out is whether or not this error will affect my
ability to restore. The TID talks about SmartPurge and if it's disabled,
the error is irrelevant. How do I tell if SmartPurge is enabled? Is this
only a GW6.5 thing?

Has anyone had experience with this? Should I not be trying to do my
backups this way and go back to GWTSA?