01) Mixed NW 6.5SP3 and NW 5.1 servers (middle of switchover)
02) No AS Agents running on 5.1 servers
03) AS Agents installed and running on 6.5 servers
04) AS installed and running on NW 6.5SP3 server
05) Manager installed on W2K workstation
06) No problems seeing servers, volumes, etc., or creating and
submitting backup jobs from the manager.
07) I have tried submitting the job(s) as ADMIN and as myself with ADMIN
09) All standard installs and/or configuration. Nothing out of the
10) Two volumes on server(s). SYS and APPS.
11) Fresh/new install(s) of everything.

I can back up my 5.1 servers with no problems at all. When I try to
backup my 6.5 servers I get the following on the Agent screen:

E16530: Failed to get .cn=admin.o=server's object id, f0

If I check my AS Log the reason it gives for the backup failing on the two
6.5 servers is Login Failed.

From ALL the testing/troubleshooting I've done it APPEARS that this only
occurs on a job I've scheduled to run automatically. If I submit a one-
time job to be run immediately it seems to back up the two 6.5 servers

Has anyone ever run into this or have any suggestions? AS as usual is no
help and I've spent WAY TOO MUCH time on this.

Thanks in advance.