You should find that your backup software has an option "backup compressed
files as uncompressed files". A backup made this way will take a lot
longer, but can be restored to a volume that does not have compression

Alternately (and probably better), have a look at the server consolidation
tool available at


> Today I tried everything and nothing worked. Yes, compression stopped
> which is what we want. Tried copying data to uncompressed volume and
> that failed too. Also restore that data to same uncompressed volume and
> of course it would not do it correctly because of the compression
> setting. Yes, I want it stop decompressing, however the volume with the
> data is full and I can't do much cause I can't delete the data. I think
> I will add compression, run the restore to the different volume, and
> then delete data to make space. As for data analysis, I think I out of
> luck on that.....
> G
> Andrew C Taubman Wrote:
> > That will stop it compressing. I thought you wanted to stop it
> > decompressing?
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