We are running a NW 6.5 SP 2 cluster. We have a separate server running NW 6.5 SP 2 and Arcserve 9.01. The node servers are running the TSAFS from TSA5UP17.

On two virtual servers (Mail01VS and Mail02VS) the volumes they point to do not have compression enabled, and backup at about 230 MB/min. Other volumes on the virtual servers do have compression enabled (RSYNCVS and 05HomeVS) and we only get about 26 MB/min. I have replicated this issue with TSATEST. Note: the TSATEST shows raw read in the 300 MB/min range on the compressed volumes, but an effective of only 28 MB/min.

Does anyone know if the TSAFS could be causing an uncompression of the files as it reads them from the volume?