I'm trying to use SBCON on my Netware 6.5SP3 OES server to backup to a
DLT7000 (no autoloader) and get the following messages:

Error: SMSDI unable to write to the media. Check if the media is write
TSA error code: fffcffd9

The tape is not write protected. I've tried various tapes and tried
cleaning the drive.

The internal tape drive is attached to an Adaptec AHA2940UW and I load the
following drivers:

AHA2940.HAM v8.31.13 2/21/2003

NWASPI.CDM v3.25.03 1/23/2004 (same result with and without this

DLTTAPE.CDM v3.00 11/3/2003


NWTAPE.CDM v2.00.25 6/14/2005 (have tried various older versions of
this CDM)

I used the base TSAs in NW65 SP3 and have updated to TSA5UP18.EXE, tried
TSAFS and TSA600, but still get the same results.

I thought it was the hardware until I put the card, cable and drive in a
Windows XP Pro machine and it began backing up immediately and completed

Any ideas on getting this working?

John Bickel