Ever since I tried to upgrade to Arcserve 11.1, I have had heaps of problems
with this one server. I have manged to get arcserver 9 working again, but
when the server is backed up, it is very slow.

I have listed below the list of things that I have tried, and what has
happened. If anyone has any ideas it would be very appreciated.


I had a NW6.5 SP2 Server, Quad Xeon Processor, 3Gb of Ram, Raid 5, Ultrium
460 Tape Drive running arcserver 9.01 and DHCP. Upgraded Arcserver to 11.1,
and Btrieve Kenal at the same time, DHCP stoped working. I rolled back the
Arcserve install, and then major problems loading the btrieve database. I
ended up copying the btrieve files manually (I got a list from the arcserve
install, and the copied them from Netware CD) to get btrieve to load, then
reintalled NW6.5sp2 and the server seemed to be fine.

Tried to installed Arcserve 11.1 again, this time without upgrading btrieve.
Had all sorts of problems, jobs didnt start server abend or hard crash.
Ended up taking the tape drive out of the server and putting into another
nw65sp2 server. It ran fine, except when it came to backing up the 1st
server that had the problems, would cause abbends etc etc. Then I rolled
back to arcserve 9.01 and now I get a good backup. The only problem is that
the 1st is very slow at backing up now, taking more than double the time it
did before all these problems.