we have also a netware6 cluster with MSA1000 and MSL5026 in a SAN,
AS9.01 with SAN option on every cluster node,
my restore speed is a little bit faster than the backup speed.
between 300-1100 MB Backup, 300MB Speed=many little files on the volume
<bernd.weyand@nospam.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hello,
> i have an nw6-cluster in an san (MSA1000 over fibrechannel),
> backup-software as7 (update is planned). backup-performance is about
> 900mb/min, but restore smaller than 100mb/min.
> tried some tests :
> copy with as7 between clustervolumes (with tsa)
> --> about 100mb/min
> copy with toolbox between same clustervolumes (without tsa)
> --> about 1gb/min
> where is the bottleneck ?
> regards
> bernd weyand