Hi all,

I'm still trying to get my DELL PE700 to work nice with backup
(AS9.01). It worked fine for a long time but started to make trouble a
few weeks ago:

- replaced BENCHMARK DLT VS1 twice (tried HP and Tandberg)
- updated server's BIOS

What happens: After using a newly formatted tape it's working well.
Using the same tape one week later either drive starts to make noises
or causing HACB errors. Just made a backup yesterday without errors,
tried to use the same tape for append and it fails. Worsest thing
is..the server may stop responding to filesystem requests (so I'm still
able to walk through server console).

another ADPT160M.HAM won't solve all problems (I believe...) but I
remember there maybe some better versions, I use 18.21 right now -
anyone found a better one working with AS9.01+NW6SP4?

Thx for all suggestions