Last night at 5.00pm I patched the Netware Server 6.5 sp3 with the
latest post service pack patches and added another 2gb memory (total
4gb). Logged on, used groupwise everything was fine. I logged into the
netware portal at about 10.00pm everything was working.

Arcserve R11.1 started its backup at 11.30pm the latest I have in the
log files was 11.34 - Obviously arcserve triggered the abend. Previously
before the patches and memory upgrade it worked fine.

The abend.log did not record the first abend only abend 2. This morning
I get into work no one can login because the server is down.

The syslog file has hyragliphic (goble dee goop) type characters entered
into it.

Any ideas, I know the memory works fine because I took it from an
identical server, but could it be the fact that it is 4gb or is it the
post service pack patches. It has to be one or the other.

Any help would be appreciated.