I am using Quantum SDLT 160/320 drives and tapes. I am on NW6 SP5 with
BEexec 9.1.

I am on my 5th replacement drive, replacements spread out over 3 different
locations. I switched from Quantum tapes to Imation with no improvement. I
even had this drive type on a W2003 server and it went bad too - same
symptoms. Sometimes the drive works great for 6 months then it dies, others
I have to get three replacements before one will work.

Does the SDLT platform suck or this particular manufacturer?

In Backup Exec I cant inventory or run a backup job. I get these errors:
1. Tape Alert - tape is damaged or drive is faulty.
2. Error - media format inconsistency has been detected
3. Misc. sense data errors